Aldershot is the cheapest place to buy a home within an hour of London.

‘Special and individual’ – usually these adjectives have no true meaning in the blurb of the volume housebuilders. But on our one acre site in Aldershot, we will be offering 21 new homes designed by architects Sergison Bates that will show what can be achieved by talented designers.

Light filled vaulted rooms upstairs, higher ceilings to the garden rooms, carefully considered storage. To the rear, private gardens, and at the front, homezones where pedestrians and children have a sense of priority over cars for a happier and safer shared environment.

The buildings are arranged in terraces running into the site, creating three small street neighbourhoods, all with access to a communal garden and children’s play area.

This will be a world of its own, set apart by its uncompromising rigour and quality, but also contributing strongly to this military town and showing what is possible if you try hard enough, even when building to a tight budget. Following a planning delay related to the protection of the local Dartford Warbler, the necessary adjustments were made and the poject started in April 2014 .

  • 198 6201 P Proposed Landscape plan