Poundbury Chapter 10 (Summary)

The ‘new town’ of Poundbury is a product of Prince Charles’s ambition to promote and demonstrate his principles of ‘traditional’ urbanism. Set in 160 hectares of land outside of the historic town of Dorchester, Poundbury is now in it’s second phase with over a third of the project complete. The land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall was selected for development in 1987, and a year later the Prince tasked Leon Krier with developing a masterplan for the ‘urban extension of Dorchester’. After five years of design development and lengthy consultations with planning authorities and local communities, work finally started on site in 1993.

Project: Poundbury
Location: Dorchester, Dorset
Designed: 1980 onwards
Client: Duchy of Cornwall
Architect: Leon Krier and others

Typology: houses and flats, privately owned and affordable
No. of dwellings: 2200 when complete
Total area: 158 hectares
Density: phase one: 34 dwellings/hectare, phase two: 60 dwellings/hectare

Sale price of phase 2 dwellings: £230,000 to £425,000

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